Chunk Works is a mobile game development company that works with brands and content creators.

Our team has over five years of industry experience in game design, development, marketing and content creation.

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How it works


We find what your audience loves and work with you to bring it to life.

We can work with your artists, your musicians, your style, everything that makes your brand to create a solution that your fans* will love. If you don’t have any artists or musicians that’s fine too! We have trusted established contractors to bring your concept to life.

*We may ask for some basic data details for your audience. Especially age, country and gender representation. 


Rapid Iteration Development

With experience comes efficiency. We’ve developed a tight* rapid iteration pipeline to get your game out as efficiently as possible. Once we’ve all agreed on a concept that works with your audience we develop a timeline that begins with a Prototype. AKA a White Box. Imagine a game that has most of the gameplay but has none of the art. 


Give your fans a peek behind the curtain

The best thing about working with established brands is their established audience. If you have special fans that you’d like to reward why not invite them to the Beta and let them be part of the development process. By keeping them involved we find what the fans like and update the game accordingly. 


Grow your game and your brand

Thanks to your already established audience we have an unfair advantage compared to the rest of the games coming out on the iOS and Android app stores. Use your brands platform as a loudspeaker and push your game to the top of the download lists. Then watch new fans discover your brand through the app store, with the app linking back to you.


Dolan Kart

Planet Dolan released a video called Dolan Kart back in August 2017 had over 800,000+ views. This concept quickly translated to a game and something we knew their fans would enjoy.

We worked closely with the team at Planet Dolan and our contracters, including one of Planet Dolan's previous artists.

Development started in November 2017. The game was released on both iOS and Android in April 2018.


Planet Dolan

  • 7.6 Million Subscribers across two channels

  • One of the Top 5 YouTube channels in Australia

Launch Details

  • #6 in Trending Games (General) on Google Play Store

  • #2 in Trending in Arcade Games on Google Play Store

  • #19 in Racing Games on the iOS store

  • 1,172 5-Star Ratings on the Google Play Store

  • 150,000+ views on launch video campaign

Our Team

Neither of us are sure why we're both turning right...


Kris Cernjavic

Lead Programmer

Kris has over five years industry experience including working at a large mobile development company and at an award winning VR/AR game development studio.

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Cameron Roney

Producer and Designer

Cameron brings over four years experience in games design and international business development, at a license focused marketing and events company, working with brands and content creators. 

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